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Allied air attack on Zeebrugge 1916 T Note
Antwerp falls to Marshal Saxe 1746 T Note
Battle of Messines 1917 T Note
Battle of Oudenarde 1708 T Note
Battle of the Bulge 1944 - 1945 T Note
Battle of the Dunes (Battle of Dunkirk) 1658 T Note
Battle of the Lys 1918 T Note
Battle of Waterloo 1815 T
Belgian War of Independence 1830 - 1831 T Note
Belgians capture Dixmude 1918 T Note
Belgians suppress rising of Arab slave-holders in Upper Congo 1892 T Note
Blitzkrieg, Dunkirk evacuation, Fall of France 1940 - 1940 T
British attack on Ostend 1918 T Note
British offensive near Ypres 1917 T Note
Brussels conference on Germany's reparations 1920 T Note
Brussels falls to Marshal Saxe after a siege 1746 T Note
Canadians and British capture Passchendaele Ridge 1917 T Note
Courtrai falls to French army 1646 T Note
Duke of Lorraine tries to connect Franche-Comté and Spanish Netherlands 1634 T Note
Dumouriez defeated at Neerwinden 1793 T Note

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