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Battle of the Nile (Aboukir) 1798 T Note
Battle of the Pyramids 1798 T Note
Kléber's French army defeats Turks 1800 T Note
Sir Ralph Abercromby achieved victories at Aboukir and Alexandria 1801 T Note
Egyptian forces begin to subdue the Morea region 1825 T Note
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note
Turkey declares war on Mohammed Ali, Khedive of Egypt 1832 T Note
Ibrahim, son of Mohammed Ali, takes Acre 1832 T Note
Battle of Konieh: Egyptian forces rout Turkish army 1832 T Note
Russian ships enter Bosphorus to aid Turkey against Egypt 1833 T Note
Battle of Nezib: Ibrahim routs Turkish forces 1839 T Note
Turkish fleet surrenders to Mehemet Ali at Alexandria 1839 T Note
Bombardment of Beirut by British to force Mehemet Ali to submit 1840 T Note
Nationalist rising in Egypt under Arabi Pasha 1881 T Note
Battle of Tel-el-Kebir: British re-occupy Egypt 1882 T Note
British Royal Navy bombards Alexandria 1882 T Note
Lord Granville seeks to withdraw forces from Egypt 1883 T Note
Egyptian force takes Abu Hamed in Sudan 1897 T Note

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