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Francis I invades Artois 1537 T Note
Charles V begins the siege of Duren in Gelderland 1543 T Note
Charles V's army bolstered from troops from Netherlands 1546 T Note
Charles V annexes the Netherlands 1548 T Note
Henry II of France invades the Netherlands 1554 T Note
William of Orange's defeat of the Spanish sparks the Dutch Revolt 1568 T Note
The Duke of Alva defeats Louis of Nassau at Jemmingen 1568 T Note
William of Orange endorses the 'Beggars of the Sea' 1569 T Note
The Dutch 'Beggars of the Sea' increase their attacks on Spanish shipping 1570 T Note
The Dutch 'Beggars of the Sea' spark the Dutch War of Independence 1572 T Note
Lewis of Nassau seizes Mons 1572 T Note
William of Orange invades Gelderland from Germany 1572 T Note
English volunteers land in the Netherlands to fight against the Spanish 1572 T Note
The Spanish fail to take Haarlem from the Dutch rebels 1572 T Note
Spain regains Haarlem 1573 T Note
The Spanish fail to take Alkmaar 1573 T Note
A Spanish fleet is defeated by the Dutch off Enckhuysen 1573 T Note
Middelburg captured by the Dutch; Spanish relinquish their siege of Leiden 1574 - 1574 T Note
Zeeland falls to the Dutch rebels 1574 T Note
Louis of Nassau is defeated at the battle of Mookerheyde 1574 T Note

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