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Prince Maurice of Nassau begins the siege of Sluys 1604 T Note
Sluys falls to Maurice of Nassau 1604 T Note
Spain captures Ostend from the Dutch 1604 T Note
The Dutch seize Amboyna, Malaysia 1605 T Note
The Dutch seize the Moluccas from the Portuguese 1615 T Note
The States of Holland anticipate civil war 1616 T Note
Maurice of Nassau sides with Contra-Remonstrants 1617 T Note
Thirty Years War 1618 - 1648 T
Spanish troops from the Netherlands invade the Palatinate 1620 T Note
Dutch-Spanish War 1621 - 1648 T Note
Maurice Prince of Orange relieves Bergen-op-Zoom 1622 T Note
An English army sets off to aid the Elector Palatine 1624 T Note
Spain takes Breda from the Dutch 1625 T Note
Dutch seize the Spanish treasure fleet and occupy Java and Malucca 1628 T Note
United Provinces take Bois-le-Duc from the Spanish 1629 T Note
Maastricht falls to the Dutch 1632 T Note
Government of the Spanish Netherlands moves to Spain 1633 T Note
The Dutch expel the Portuguese from the Gold Coast 1637 T Note
The Dutch recapture Breda 1637 T Note
Portuguese in Brazil rebel against Dutch 1645 T Note

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