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Kléber's French army defeats Turks 1800 T Note
Alexander I announces annexation of Georgia 1801 T Note
Russia occupies eastern Alaska 1803 T Note
War of Third Coalition begins 1805 T Note
Battle of Austerlitz, Moravia 1805 T Note
Battle of Eylau 1807 T Note
Battle of Freidland 1807 T Note
Napoleon marches into Russia 1812 T Note
Battle of Borodino 1812 T Note
Russia defeated at Smolensk 1812 - 1812 T Note
Battle of Leipzig 1813 - 1813 T Note
Russo-Prussian force occupies Dresden 1813 T Note
Napoleon defeats Prussian and Russian armies 1813 T Note
Battle of Dresden 1813 - 1813 T Note
Paris surrounded: Allies enter the city triumphantly 1814 T Note
Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
Decembrist Uprising [Movement] of 1825 1825 - 1826 T
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note
Turkish Manifesto rejects allied Note for truce with Greece 1827 T Note
Tehran captured by Russia 1828 T Note

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