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'Bloody Week' in Paris ends with defeat of the Commune 1871 - 1871 T Note
'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895 T Note
'June Days' in France, where thousands of Paris workmen are killed 1848 T Note
1848: The Year of Revolutions 1848 T
8500 British troops join Ferdinand of Brunswick 1758 T Note
Abortive French attempt to invade Ireland 1796 T Note
Adam Duncan defeats Dutch off Camperdown 1797 T Note
Admiral Rodney defeats Spanish 1780 T Note
Afghan War ends with British proclamation of victory 1842 T Note
Afghans defeat Mahrattas at Paniput 1761 T Note
Alfonso XII lands at Barcelona, but Carlist War continues 1875 T Note
Algerian resistance leader takes refuge in Morocco 1841 T Note
Allied air attack on Zeebrugge 1916 T Note
Allied break-through in Bulgaria 1918 T Note
Allied forces land in Sicily 1943 T Note
Allied forces lift German siege of Leningrad 1944 T Note
Allied landing on Italian Peninsula 1943 T Note
Allied powers land unopposed in Crimea 1854 T Note
Allies agree to evacuate troops 1818 T Note
Allies blockade Greece 1916 T Note

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