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'Bloody Week' in Paris ends with defeat of the Commune 1871 - 1871 T Note
'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895 T Note
'Defenestration of Prague' starts the Thirty Years War 1618 T Note
'English Armada:' Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris undertake an expedition to Portugal 1589 T Note
'Jenkins' Ear' debate in Parliament urging war on Spain 1738 T Note
'June Days' in France, where thousands of Paris workmen are killed 1848 T Note
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the first Viking raids on England 789 T
1848: The Year of Revolutions 1848 T
4,000 English troops arrive in France to aid Henry of Navarre 1589 T Note
8500 British troops join Ferdinand of Brunswick 1758 T Note
A combined Spanish and French force storms Barcelona 1714 T Note
A Danish-Swedish army defeats the troops of Lubeck at Battle of Assens 1535 T Note
A force of Italians and Spaniards lands in Ireland to aid the rebels 1580 T Note
A French army begins the conquest of Artois from the Spanish 1637 T Note
A French army enters the Palatinate 1634 T Note
A French army forces the imperialists to raise the siege of Heidelberg 1634 T Note
A French army tries to rescue the Pope 1527 T Note
A French army under the Duke of Anjou enters Cambrai 1581 T Note
A French army with Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar defeats the Bavarians 1638 T Note
A French fleet sinks the Mary Rose 1545 T Note

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