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Cnut 995 - 1035 P
Conference of Carthage 411 T Note
Middle Ages 500 - 1500 T
Early Middle Ages 500 - 900 T
Raedwald of East Anglia dies; probably buried at Sutton Hoo 624 T
The Taiho Code issued in Japan 701 T Note
The Yoro Code of Japan completed 718 T Note
Donation of Sutri 728 T Note
Abu Muslim unites the Abbasids against the Umayyads 747 T Note
Donation of Pepin 756 T Note
Heian period in Japan 794 - 1185 T Note
Venice recognizes Byzantine rule 810 T Note
Byzantine emperor Michael I recognizes Charlemagne as emperor of the west 812 T Note
Louis the Pious divides the Frankish empire 817 T Note
Frankish emperor Louis I recognizes the independence of Celtic Brittany from the empire 826 T Note
Louis the Pious divides the Carolingian Empire among his sons 839 T Note
Oath of Strasbourg 842 T Note
Danegeld 856 - 1016 T
Northumbria falls to the Vikings 866 - 867 T Note
The Danelaw is formalised 886 T Note

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