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Acton, Lord 1834 - 1902 P
Boswell, James 1740 - 1795 P
d'Annunzio, Gabriele 1863 - 1938 P
Walpole, Horace 1717 - 1797 P
Agostino Depretis forms ministry of the Left in Italy 1876 T Note
Algeciras conference on Morocco opens (-Apr.) 1906 T Note
Allied conference at Rapallo 1917 T Note
Allied economic conference in Paris 1916 T Note
Balkan allies accept mediation of great powers 1913 T Note
Benito Mussolini founds Fasci del Combattimento 1919 T Note
Bitter Parliamentary conflict in Italy 1900 T Note
Bonaparte becomes President of Italian Republic 1802 T Note
Bonaparte promises Tuscany to Duke of Parma 1800 T Note
Britain restricts limits of blockade 1809 T Note
Britain, France and Italy sign secret convention 1915 T Note
British replace French; reforming navy in Naples 1779 T Note
Camillo Cavour is appointed minister in Piedmont 1850 T Note
Charles Albert of Piedmont dismisses reactionary ministers 1847 T Note
Count Cavour becomes Prime Minister of Piedmont 1852 T Note
Count Cavour dies in Italy 1861 T Note

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