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Ferdinand VII of Spain taken prisoner 1822 T Note
Britain, France, Spain and Portugal ally in support of liberal constitutions 1834 T Note
Baldomero Espartero is recalled to Spain 1847 T Note
Espartero becomes premier of Spain 1854 T Note
O'Donnell returns to power in Spain 1858 T Note
The reactionary Ramon Narvaez becomes premier of Spain 1864 T Note
Ramon Narvaez dismissed in Spain and replaced by Leopold O'Donnell 1865 T Note
France learns that Leopold of Hohenzollern has accepted Spanish throne 1870 T Note
Marshal Francisco Serrano becomes dictator in Spain 1874 T Note
Creation of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) 1879 T Note
Spain delays signing agreement on Morocco with France 1902 T Note
William II's Tangier visit triggers first Moroccan crisis 1905 T Note
Algeciras conference on Morocco opens (-Apr.) 1906 T Note
Pact of Cartagena 1907 T Note
Liberal ministry in Spain 1909 T Note
Fascism 1919 T
Soviet Union expelled from the League of Nations 1939 T Note

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