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Collins, Michael 1890 - 1922 P
'Black List' of firms in neutral countries issued 1916 T Note
Abortive London naval conference of the powers 1908 T Note
Aga Khan founds All India Muslim League 1906 T Note
Algeciras conference on Morocco opens (-Apr.) 1906 T Note
Allied conference at Rapallo 1917 T Note
Allied economic conference in Paris 1916 T Note
Anglo-Belgian loan to China cancelled 1912 T Note
Anglo-French military conversations 1905 T Note
Anglo-Russian Convention on Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet 1907 T Note
Anglo-Russian crisis over loan to China 1898 T Note
Arthur Henderson wins Barnard Castle by-election 1903 T Note
Balfour addresses U.S. House of Representatives 1917 T Note
Balkan allies accept mediation of great powers 1913 T Note
Baltic Convention 1908 T Note
Berlin Blockade and Airlift 1948 - 1949 T Note
Britain accepts Count Berchtold's project 1912 T Note
Britain will resist establishment of Persian Gulf base 1903 T Note
Britain, France and Italy sign secret convention 1915 T Note
British and Irish parties disagree 1914 T Note

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