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Collins, Michael 1890 - 1922 P
Goschen is appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer 1887 T Note
Scottish Labour Party founded 1888 T Note
Decline of the Liberal Party 1890 - 1918 T
Charles Parnell forced to resign due to involvement in a divorce case 1890 T Note
British Liberal party adopts the radical 'Newcastle Programme' 1891 T Note
Joseph Chamberlain becomes Commons leader of Liberal Unionists 1891 T Note
First meeting of independent Labour Party 1893 T Note
Gladstone withdraws Employers' Liability bill on Lords' amendments 1894 T Note
Commons committee appointed to consider Scottish issues 1894 T Note
Lord Rosebery is defeated on a vote relating to cordite supply 1895 T Note
British general election confirms Lord Salisbury's majority 1895 T Note
US commission appointed to investigate Venezuelan boundary question 1895 T Note
Lord Rosebery resigns Liberal leadership over Armenian question 1896 T Note
Cecil Rhodes censured by a Parliamentary report into the Jameson Raid 1897 T Note
Anglo-Russian crisis over loan to China 1898 T Note
Henry Campbell-Bannerman becomes Commons leader of Liberals 1899 T Note
Labour Party 1900 T
Inghinidhe na hÈireann [The Daughters of Erin] 1900 - 1914 T
Tension in Anglo-German relations 1900 T Note

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