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Witherspoon, John 1723 - 1794 P
Macpherson, James 1736 - 1796 P
Boswell, James 1740 - 1795 P
The Scottish Parliament meets 1543 T Note
Mary of Guise, Queen Dowager of Scotland dies 1560 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots is denied passage through England 1561 T Note
Lord Gowrie and his brother Ruthven seize King James VI 1600 T Note
James VI and I suggests a flag combining that of England and Scotland 1606 T Note
Scottish Parliament introduces Anglican principles to Scottish worship 1617 T Note
King's Commissioner arrives in Scotland 1638 T Note
Glasgow Assembly dissolved 1638 T Note
Glasgow Assembly abolishes Bishops 1638 T Note
Glasgow Assembly dissolves itself 1638 T Note
The King opens negotiations with the Scots 1639 T Note
The Scottish Parliament is dissolved 1639 T Note
Committee of Estates appointed 1640 T Note
Scottish Commissioners arrive in London 1640 T Note
Charles II arrives in Edinburgh 1641 T Note
Committee of Both Kingdoms (England and Scotland) established 1644 T Note
Earl of Montrose escapes from the Highlands 1647 T Note

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