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Rastell, John 1475 - 1536 P
Nowell, Laurence 1530 - 1570 P
French accept Perkin Warbeck as rightful claimant to the English throne 1492 T Note
Charles VIII returns from Italy 1495 T Note
League of Cambrai 1508 T Note
Concordat of Bologna: between France and the Papacy 1516 T Note
The Duke of Albany leaves Scotland for France 1517 T Note
Albany leaves Scotland for France 1522 T Note
Francis I of France is released from Spanish captivity 1526 T Note
Francis I calls an assembly of Notables 1527 T Note
Anne, Duke of Montmorency, Constable of France, is disgraced 1541 T Note
Diet of Speyer meets 1544 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots lands in France 1548 T Note
Huguenot conspiracy at Amboise fails 1560 T Note
Constable of France promises liberty of worship to Huguenots 1560 T Note
Factions develop in France 1561 T Note
Catherine de' Medici extends the power of the French Crown 1566 T Note
Michel de L'Hopital is dismissed from the Chancellorship of France 1568 T Note
Charles IX and Catherine de' Medici retire to Metz 1569 T Note
Reconciliation between Charles IX and Admiral Coligny 1571 T Note

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