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Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat 1689 - 1755 P
Walpole, Horace 1717 - 1797 P
Boswell, James 1740 - 1795 P
Condorcet, Marie-Jean 1743 - 1794 P
David, Jacques-Louis 1748 - 1825 P
de Robespierre, Maximilien 1758 - 1794 P
Henry III of France refuses the sovereignty of the Netherlands 1585 T Note
Catholic League declares Navarre incapable of inheriting the throne 1585 T Note
Day of the Barricades 1588 - 1588 T Note
Catholic League orders Henry III to purge Huguenot sympathisers 1588 T Note
States-General suggest giving the French Crown to Duke of Guise 1588 T Note
Henry IV (of Navarre) establishes his headquarters at Tours 1589 T Note
French bishops accept Henry IV as King of France 1591 T Note
The French States-General agree to support the young Duke of Guise 1593 T Note
Henry IV summons an Assembly of Notables to discuss public revenue 1596 T Note
Henry IV's authority challenged by the Parlement of Rouen 1597 T Note
Henry IV of France marries Maria de Medici 1600 T Note
Henry IV of France issues the Edict of Paulette 1604 T Note
The French States-General assemble at Paris 1614 T Note
The Third Estate attacks the Taille and the sale of offices 1614 T Note

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