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Senghor, Léopold 1906 - 2001 P
Césaire, Aimé 1913 - 2008 P
Independence and neutrality of Luxembourg guaranteed 1867 T Note
Olivier Ollivier becomes French premier 1870 T Note
France learns that Leopold of Hohenzollern has accepted Spanish throne 1870 T Note
Thiers becomes head of French executive 1871 T Note
Antwerp Declaration 1872 T Note
Comte de Paris accepts compensation for confiscation of his estates 1872 T Note
Death of Napoleon III 1873 T Note
Comte de Chambord's Frohsdorf letter of uncompromising Legitimism 1873 T Note
Comte de Chambord ends hope of restoration of French monarchy 1873 T Note
MacMahon gains presidential powers for seven years 1873 T Note
Crisis of Seize Mai in France 1877 T Note
Jules Dufaure forms ministry in France 1877 T Note
Republicans gain in French senatorial elections 1879 T Note
Waddington becomes French Prime Minister 1879 T Note
Leon Gambetta forms ministry in France 1881 T Note
Leon Gambetta falls; Charles Freycinet forms ministry in France 1882 T Note
Clement Fallieres forms brief ministry in France 1883 T Note
Jules Ferry forms second ministry in France 1883 T Note

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