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Nowell, Laurence 1530 - 1570 P
Archduke Ferdinand is empowered to settle the religious question 1554 T Note
Archdukes back Ferdinand of Styria's claim to the Empire 1616 T Note
Catholics obtain a majority in the Empire's Electoral College 1623 T Note
Charles V crosses the Alps for Germany 1530 T Note
Charles V meets the German Diet at Regensburg 1532 T Note
Charles V proposes strengthening imperial executive 1547 T Note
Charles V summons a diet to meet at Worms in January 1521 1520 T Note
Confirmation that German King automatically becomes Holy Roman Emperor 1508 T Note
Diet at Ratisbon in deadlock over religions issues 1613 T Note
Diet of Constance restores the imperial chamber court 1507 T Note
Diet of Speyer meets 1544 T Note
Duke William V of Bavaria forced to share government with his son Maximilian 1591 T Note
Francis I, Bavaria, Saxony and Hesse unite against King Ferdinand 1532 T Note
German Protestant princes present their grievances to Emperor Rudolf II 1590 T Note
Imperial Electors meet at Nuremberg 1611 T Note
John George of Brandenburg is placed under the ban of the Empire 1623 T Note
League of Cambrai 1508 T Note
Margrave of Brandenburg-Culmbach receives the ban of the Empire 1553 T Note
Maximilian I aims at creating a universal Hapsburg monarchy 1505 T Note

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