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Boswell, James 1740 - 1795 P
Casement, Roger 1864 - 1916 P
Hitler, Adolf 1889 - 1945 P
Heym, Stefan 1913 - 2001 P
Chancellor of Brandenburg, von Danckelman, falls from power 1697 T Note
Polish Diet accepts the Saxon settlement 1717 T Note
Diet of Ratisbon recognises Charles VI's Pragmatic Sanction 1732 T Note
Cocceji becomes Prussian Minister of Justice 1738 T Note
Austria and Prussia plan to halt Russia's expansion 1770 T Note
Prince of Prussia proposes partition of Poland 1771 T Note
Joseph II Bavarian Exchange Scheme 1785 T Note
Frederick II forms Die Fürstenbund 1785 T Note
Triple Alliance 1788 T Note
Belgian common policy agreed 1790 T Note
Reichenbach Conference 1790 T Note
Coblenz made headquarters of French émigrés 1791 T Note
Declaration of Pillnitz 1791 T Note
Duke of Brunswick Manifesto 1792 T Note
Conference of Rastadt dissolved 1799 T Note
Diet of Ratisbon 1803 T Note

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