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Casement, Roger 1864 - 1916 P
Hitler, Adolf 1889 - 1945 P
Heym, Stefan 1913 - 2001 P
Diet of Ratisbon 1803 T Note
Baron Stein dismissed 1807 T Note
Convention of Bartenstein 1807 T Note
Erfurt Congress 1808 T Note
Prussia adheres to 'Continental System' 1812 T Note
Diet of German Confederation opened 1816 T Note
Prussian 'Councils of State' established 1817 T Note
Conference to discuss French indemnity 1818 - 1818 T Note
Carlsbad Decrees 1819 T Note
First step towards Zollverein 1819 T Note
Conference at Troppau 1820 T Note
Hambach Festival of South German Democrats advocates armed revolt 1832 T Note
Prussia, Russia and Austria agree to support the Ottoman Empire 1833 T Note
King of Hanover dismisses his pro-Constitutional opponents 1837 T Note
German Confederation reserves its right in Schleswig-Holstein 1846 T Note
Foundation of the Communist League 1847 T Note
United Diet summoned in Prussia by Frederick William IV 1847 T Note

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