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Hitler, Adolf 1889 - 1945 P
Agenor Goluchowski becomes Austrian foreign secretary 1895 T Note
Agreement of Plombieres 1858 T Note
Algeciras conference on Morocco opens (-Apr.) 1906 T Note
Austria and Prussia plan to halt Russia's expansion 1770 T Note
Austria and Russia promise Ottoman Empire protection 1804 T Note
Austria supports France 1812 T Note
Austrian authoritarian rule established 1933 T Note
Austro-Hungarian Socialist party splits into six nationalist groups 1897 T Note
Balkan allies accept mediation of great powers 1913 T Note
Britain accepts Count Berchtold's project 1912 T Note
Britain helps Austria with money and troops 1809 T Note
Buchlau conference 1908 T Note
Conference at Troppau 1820 T Note
Conference of Rastadt dissolved 1799 T Note
Conference to discuss French indemnity 1818 - 1818 T Note
Congress of Oppressed Peoples 1918 T Note
Congress of Vienna closes 1815 T Note
Convention of Olmutz: Prussia recognises Austrian supremacy 1850 T Note
Count Badeni is forced to resign in Austria 1897 T Note

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