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Hitler, Adolf 1889 - 1945 P
The Pragmatic Sanction is recognised by Estates of Upper and Lower Austria 1720 T Note
The Hungarian Diet rejects the Pragmatic Sanction 1722 T Note
The Austrian Netherlands agree to the Pragmatic Sanction 1724 T Note
Uhlfeld becomes Minister of State in Austria 1741 T Note
Uhlfeld becomes Chancellor of Austria 1742 T Note
Austria and Prussia plan to halt Russia's expansion 1770 T Note
Serfdom abolished in Austria 1781 T Note
Joseph II enforces German language in Bohemia 1783 T Note
Joseph II delivers Summary of Claims to Dutch 1783 T Note
Joseph II establishes single seminary 1786 T Note
Joseph II returns to Vienna 1788 T Note
Van der Noot drives Democrats from power 1790 T Note
Reichenbach Conference 1790 T Note
Leopold II calls on powers to support Louis XVI 1791 T Note
Declaration of Pillnitz 1791 T Note
Duke of Brunswick Manifesto 1792 T Note
Conference of Rastadt dissolved 1799 T Note
Francis II assumes title 'Emperor of Austrian possessions' 1804 T Note
Austria and Russia promise Ottoman Empire protection 1804 T Note

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