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Fitch, George 1877 - 1915 P
Sinclair, Upton 1878 - 1968 P
Huey, Long 1893 - 1935 P
Roumain, Jacques 1907 - 1944 P
Heym, Stefan 1913 - 2001 P
Carter, James Earl 1924 - P
X, Malcolm 1925 - 1965 P
Giardina, Denise 1951 - P
The Senate defeats a woman's suffrage amendment 1878 T Note
Chinese banned from emigrating to the USA 1882 T Note
Statue of Liberty unveiled by President Grover Cleveland 1886 T Note
The Populist party founded in Cincinnati, Ohio 1891 T Note
US Populist party is organised at St. Louis 1892 T Note
James B. Weaver becomes Populist Party presidential candidate 1892 T Note
Grover Cleveland repeals Sherman bill on compulsory silver purchase 1893 T Note
Wilson-Gorman tariff 1894 T Note
US commission appointed to investigate Venezuelan boundary question 1895 T Note
Segregation allowed by Supreme Court 1896 T Note
Bryan's Cross of Gold Speech 1896 T Note
W. H. Taft commission appointed 1900 T Note

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