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Bulwer-Lytton, Edward 1803 - 1873 P
Bracken, Thomas 1843 - 1898 P
Lachlan Macquarie becomes Governor of New South Wales 1809 - 1821 T Note
House of Commons published Commissioner Bigge's reports 1822 - 1823 T Note
NSW Judicature Act receives royal assent 1823 T Note
Australia League established 1850 T Note
Earl of Hopetoun, first Governor-General of Australia 1900 T Note
First Commonwealth of Australia Parliament 1901 T Note
White Australia policy 1901 T Note
Labour government in Australia 1908 T Note
William Hughes becomes premier of Australia 1917 T Note
Conference of Australian officials on Aborigines 1937 T Note
Suspected pending Japanese invasion of Australia 1942 T Note
Robert Menzies attempts to dissolve the Communist Party 1950 T Note
First South Pacific Forum 1971 T Note

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