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Ahmad Koprulu becomes Grand Vizier of Turkey 1661 T Note
Austria and Russia promise Ottoman Empire protection 1804 T Note
Balkan allies accept mediation of great powers 1913 T Note
Byzantine emperor Michael I recognizes Charlemagne as emperor of the west 812 T Note
Convention of Balta-Liman 1849 T Note
Death of the Grand Vizier of Turkey, Ahmad Koprulu 1676 T Note
Diet of Speyer meets 1544 T Note
Dismissal of Midhat Pasha, leader of the Turkish Liberals 1877 T Note
First meeting of Ottoman Parliament 1908 T Note
Mohammed Koprulu becomes Grand Vizier in Turkey 1656 T Note
Ottoman Sultan deposed 1909 T Note
Prussia, Russia and Austria agree to support the Ottoman Empire 1833 T Note
Revival of Young Turk movement 1896 T Note
Rudolf II meets the Diet at Ratisbon to gain supplies for the Turkish war 1594 T Note
Sultan of Turkey limits authority of Milosh in Serbia 1838 T Note
The Liberal Midhat Pasha forms ministry in Constantinople 1876 T Note
Turkey acquiesces to Russia 1784 T Note
Turkey denounces Paris and Berlin treaties 1917 T Note
Turkey promises Bulgaria to withdraw troops 1911 T Note
Turkey will retain Constantinople 1920 T Note

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