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Dmowski, Roman 1864 - 1939 P
Conference to discuss French indemnity 1818 - 1818 T Note
Conference at Troppau 1820 T Note
Prussia, Russia and Austria agree to support the Ottoman Empire 1833 T Note
Sultan of Turkey limits authority of Milosh in Serbia 1838 T Note
Foundation of the Communist League 1847 T Note
Convention of Balta-Liman 1849 T Note
Michael Loris-Melikov becomes Russian minister of interior 1880 T Note
Sergei Witte becomes Russian finance minister 1892 T Note
Anglo-Russian crisis over loan to China 1898 T Note
Manchuria China makes appeals regarding Russia 1901 T Note
Possibility of Anglo-German-Japanese bloc against Russia ends 1901 T Note
Russia drops draft convention with China 1901 T Note
Prince Ito seeks Japanese concessions in Korea 1901 T Note
Viacheslav Plehve made Russian minister of interior 1902 T Note
Persia concludes favourable tariff with Russia 1902 T Note
Russian Socialists split 1903 T Note
Britain will resist establishment of Persian Gulf base 1903 T Note
Japanese note to Russia regarding Manchuria 1903 T Note
Dismissal of Count Witte, Russian finance minister 1903 T Note

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