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Pitt fails to carry the Cabinet in continuing the war 1761 T Note
Duke of Wellington challenges Earl of Winchilsea to a duel 1829 T Note
Robert Peel issues Tamworth Manifesto 1834 T Note
Foundation of the Communist League 1847 T Note
Benjamin Disraeli becomes leader of Conservative Party 1849 T Note
Sinn Fein founded 1856 T Note
Lord Derby's ministry is defeated over Disraeli's Reform Bill 1859 T Note
Foundation of “The First International” 1864 T Note
Gladstone resigns Liberal leadership 1875 T Note
Marquess of Hartington is elected Liberal leader 1875 T Note
The Social Democratic Federation 1881 - 1911 T Note
Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883 T Note
Parnell calls on the Irish in Britain to vote Conservative 1885 T Note
British general election gives Irish Home-Rulers the balance of power 1885 T Note
Gladstone's Liberal government is defeated over the Irish Home Rule bill 1886 T Note
Conservatives win British general election 1886 T Note
Scottish Labour Party founded 1888 T Note
Decline of the Liberal Party 1890 - 1918 T
British Liberal party adopts the radical 'Newcastle Programme' 1891 T Note
Joseph Chamberlain becomes Commons leader of Liberal Unionists 1891 T Note

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