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General Wayne 1792 T Note
George Washington dies at his home at Mount Vernon 1798 T Note
Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams 1826 T Note
Abraham Lincoln accepts the Republican nomination for US Senate 1858 T Note
Northern Democrats nominate Stephen Douglas for the presidency 1860 - 1860 T Note
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson 1868 T Note
Taft nominated Republican presidential candidate 1912 T Note
Woodrow Wilson nominated Democratic presidential candidate 1912 T Note
Robert Lansing becomes U.S. secretary of state 1915 T Note
Woodrow Wilson re-nominated Democratic presidential candidate 1916 T Note
President Wilson collapses from a stroke 1919 T Note
Bainbridge Colby made U.S. secretary of state 1920 T Note
Republican Convention nominates Warren G. Harding 1920 T Note
Warren G. Harding elected President of U.S. 1920 T Note
Democratic presidential candidate George Wallace is shot in Laurel, Md 1972 T Note
President Clinton impeached 1998 T Note

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