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Müller, Herta 1953 - P
Siniavsky, Andrei 1925 - 1997 P
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksander 1918 - 2008 P
1968 1968 T
Black Power 1966 - 1980 T
Boxers society founded in China to combat westernisation 1898 T Note
British troops occupy Benin in protest at human sacrifices 1897 T Note
Cardinal Mercier protests Belgian deportation 1916 T Note
Four anti-war protestors killed by National Guard at Kent State 1970 T Note
George Lansbury protests Suffragette force feeding 1912 T Note
German Resistance to National Socialism [Nazism] 1933 - 1945 T
Petition of Johannesburg Uitlanders to Queen Victoria 1899 T Note
Pro-Cannabis rally in London's Hyde Park 1967 T Note
Revival of Young Turk movement 1896 T Note
Social Democratic Federation holds a rally in Trafalgar Square 1886 T Note
Student protest at Columbia University 1968 T Note
The Black Panther Party 1965 - 1980 T
Ulster Anti-Home Rule demonstrations 1912 T Note
United States "Stop the Draft" week 1967 T Note
William O'Brien and John Dillon call on Irish tenants to organise themselves 1886 T Note

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