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American Colonization Society established to transport free blacks to Africa 1816 T Note
Early antislavery newspaper, The Genius of Universal Emancipation 1821 T Note
Slave insurrection in Charleston 1822 T Note
David Walker's Appeal demanding the abolition of slavery 1829 T Note
The first national Negro convention held in Philadelphia 1830 T Note
The Liberator Newspaper founded 1831 T Note
American Anti-Slavery Society founded 1833 T Note
Race riots in Philadelphia 1834 T Note
Gag Law adopted 1836 T Note
Creole Affair 1841 T Note
US slave ship Creole is taken over by slaves 1841 T Note
The Baptist Church splits over the slavery issue 1845 T Note
David Wilmot proposes slavery ban in territory acquired from Mexico 1846 T Note
Free Soil party formed 1848 T Note
Fugitive Slave Law 1850 T
Ostend Manifesto 1854 T Note
Bleeding Kansas 1854 - 1859 T Note
Pro-slavery forces win the territorial elections in Kansas 1855 T Note
John Brown anti-slavery militancy 1856 T Note
Massacre of Pottawatomie Creek 1856 T Note

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