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President Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation 1863 T Note
Massacre of Fort Pillow 1864 T Note
Abolition of slavery in the USA 1865 T Note
The Confederacy decides to permit slaves to serve in the military 1865 T Note
Klu Klux Klan founded 1866 T Note
US 14th Amendment extends enfranchisement to black men 1866 T Note
Mississippi Plan 1890 T Note
Segregation allowed by Supreme Court 1896 T Note
Anti-black riot in Atlanta 1906 T Note
Anti-black rioting in Springfield, Illinois 1908 T Note
White Slavery 1910 T Note
Race riots in Chicago 1919 T Note
Race Riots 1940 T Note
De-segregation of American Schools 1954 T Note
US Supreme Court declares Bus Segregation Laws illegal 1956 T Note
Martin Luther King spearheads national campaign to end race discrimination 1957 T Note
US Federal troops deployed to Arkansas to reinforce antisegregation laws 1957 T Note
Ten shot in Mississippi race riots 1960 T Note
The sit-in movement begins 1960 T Note
Race riots in Montgomery, Alabama 1961 T Note

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