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Abolitionism and Anti-Slavery (British) 1780 - 1807 T
An Act is passed to prevent bribery in Parliamentary elections 1695 T Note
Appellate Jurisdictions Act in Britain 1876 T Note
Armed insurrection by Chartists 1839 T Note
Birmingham Reform demonstrations 1866 T Note
Bristol Riots after rejection of Reform Bill 1831 T Note
British Civil Service becomes open to competitive examination 1870 T Note
British Redistribution of Seats Bill is enacted 1885 T Note
British War Office Act subordinates Commander-in-Chief to Secretary of State 1870 T Note
Burke proposes economic reform 1780 T Note
Calendar Reform 1752 - 1752 T
Campbell-Bannerman's cabinet embark on social reforms 1906 T Note
Chamberlain proposes a joint British-Boer enquiry into Transvaal franchise bills 1899 T Note
Chartism 1837 - 1848 T
Civil List reform 1786 T Note
Complete Suffrage Union founded 1842 T Note
Congo Reform Association 1904 T
Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883 T Note
Edward Cardwell's Army reforms reorganise British army 1871 T Note
First Chartist Petition rejected 1839 T Note

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