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'Perpetual' Alliance between Prussia and Sweden 1707 T Note
Afghan War ends with British proclamation of victory 1842 T Note
Akkerman Convention between Russia and Ottoman Empire 1826 T Note
Alliance of France, Britain, Russia and the Ottoman Empire against Egypt 1840 T Note
Alliance of Orebro 1812 T Note
Alliance of San Ildefonso 1796 T Note
Alliance of St. Petersburg 1794 T Note
Alliance of Versailles between France and Austria 1756 T Note
Alliance of Vienna between Britain, Hanover, Saxony, Poland and Empire 1719 T Note
Alliance treaty between North German Confederation and Bavaria 1870 T Note
Allied conference agree peace terms for Germany 1918 T Note
Allied peace treaty with Austria at St. Germain 1919 T Note
Allies offer peace proposals to Napoleon 1813 T Note
Allies sign armistice with Austria-Hungary 1918 T Note
Anglo-American treaty on Bering Sea seal fishery 1892 T Note
Anglo-Belgian agreement 1910 T Note
Anglo-Belgian agreement over Nile territory 1894 T Note
Anglo-Chinese commercial treaty 1902 T Note
Anglo-Ethiopian treaty 1902 T Note
Anglo-French 'Cobden' treaty 1860 T Note

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