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Denmark and Sweden sign Convention of Uddevalla 1788 T Note
Treaty of Verela 1790 T Note
The Peace of Iaşi (Jassy) 1792 T Note
Treaty of Teschen 1792 T Note
First Coalition against France 1793 T Note
Britain and the USA sign the Jay Treaty 1794 T Note
Treaty of The Hague 1794 T Note
Alliance of St. Petersburg 1794 T Note
Russia and Austria sign Secret treaty 1795 T Note
Peace of La Jaunaie 1795 T Note
Peace of Basle 1795 T Note
Spain signs peace with France 1795 T Note
Treaty of San Lorenzo 1795 T Note
Pitt begins negotiations for peace with France 1796 T Note
Alliance of San Ildefonso 1796 T Note
Treaty of Campo Formio: peace between Austria and France 1797 T Note
Treaty of Tolentino 1797 T Note
Preliminary peace signed at Leoben 1797 T Note
Peace conference of Rastadt 1797 T Note
Treaty of Hyderabad 1798 T Note

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