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Bavaria joins the Schmalkaldic League despite being a Catholic state 1531 T Note
Commercial treaty between Bavaria and Wurttemberg 1828 T Note
Duke William V of Bavaria signs a concordat with Pope Gregory XIII 1583 T Note
Electors of Bavaria and Cologne sign treaties of alliance with France 1701 T Note
Ferdinand II signs a treaty with Duke Maximilian of Bavaria 1619 T Note
Leopold I makes treaties of alliance with Holland and Bavaria 1689 T Note
Peace of Füssen between Maria Theresa and Bavaria 1745 T Note
Secret Treaty of 1714 between France and Bavaria is renewed 1727 T Note
The Convention of Niederschönfeld temporarily grants Bavaria to Austria 1743 T Note
The Elector of Bavaria agrees to a truce 1646 T Note
Treaty between Spain and Bavaria to partition the Habsburg lands 1741 T Note
Treaty of Dusseldorf 1624 T Note
Treaty of Fontainebleau between France and Maximilian of Bavaria 1631 T Note
Treaty of Lindau 1622 T Note
Treaty of Nymphenburg between France and Bavaria 1741 T Note
Treaty of Xanten 1614 T Note
Union of Frankfurt between Prussia, Bavaria, the Palatinate and Hesse 1744 T Note

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