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Alliance of San Ildefonso 1796 T Note
Anglo-Spanish commercial treaty 1716 - 1716 T Note
Bourbon Family Compact between France and Spain 1761 T Note
Britain joins the Treaty of Madrid 1721 T Note
Britain renounces the Asiento by treaty with Spain 1750 T Note
Charles of Spain and the Emperor both reject the Partition Treaty 1700 T Note
Commercial treaty between Britain and Spain 1715 T Note
Convention of El Zanjón ends Ten Years War between Spain and Cuba 1878 T Note
Convention of the Pardo ends the Anglo-Spanish war 1728 T Note
Defensive Alliance between Britain, Spain and France 1721 T Note
First Partition Treaty for the division of Spanish possessions 1698 T Note
France recognises the Pragmatic Sanction at the Peace Treaty of Vienna 1738 T Note
Further secret treaty between the Empire and Spain 1725 T Note
League of Turin formed against the Emperor 1733 T Note
Louis XIV rejects peace preliminaries 1709 T Note
Peace between Spain and Morocco 1860 T Note
Peace preliminaries at Vienna are decided 1735 T Note
Peace preliminaries of Fontainebleau between France, Spain and Britain 1762 T Note
Peace treaty is signed between the Quadruple Alliance and Spain 1720 T Note
Peace with France 1801 T Note

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