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Protestant Union of Germany signs a defensive alliance with England 1612 T Note
Treaty between England and Holland regulates trade in the East 1619 T Note
Secret marriage treaty between Charles, Prince of Wales and the Infanta Maria of Spain 1620 T Note
James I finally breaks off the Spanish marriage treaty 1623 T Note
Anglo-French marriage treaty 1624 T Note
England and the United Provinces agree to subsidise Christian IV of Denmark 1625 T Note
The Peace of Susa ends the war between England and France 1629 T Note
Anglo-Spanish naval treaty 1631 T Note
Treaty of Ripon 1640 T Note
English Treaty of Pacification with Scotland 1641 T Note
Parliamentary alliance with Scotland is confirmed 1643 T Note
Uxbridge Treaty negotiations begin and then fail 1645 - 1645 T Note
Parliament discovers that Charles made a treaty with the Papacy 1646 T Note
Secret treaty between Charles I and the Scots 1647 T Note
Parliament opens negotiations with Charles I 1648 T Note
Treaty of Kilkenny 1649 T Note
Charles II signs the Treaty of Breda 1650 T Note
Peace Treaty of Westminster ends first Anglo-Dutch War 1654 T Note
Treaty of Commerce between England and Sweden 1654 T Note
Anglo-Portuguese treaty places Portugal under English control 1654 T Note

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