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London Convention between Britain and Prussia 1758 T Note
Secret treaty between British East India Company and Mir Kassem 1760 T Note
Peace preliminaries of Fontainebleau between France, Spain and Britain 1762 T Note
Pitt attacks the terms of the Peace in the Commons 1762 T Note
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War 1763 T Note
At Madras British sign treaty with Mysore 1769 T Note
Hastings makes alliance with state of Oudh 1773 T Note
Treaty of Paris - Britain recognizes independence of the United States 1783 T Note
Eden negotiates Anglo-French commercial treaty 1786 T Note
Britain and the USA sign the Jay Treaty 1794 T Note
Treaty of The Hague 1794 T Note
Alliance of St. Petersburg 1794 T Note
Pitt begins negotiations for peace with France 1796 T Note
Alliance of San Ildefonso 1796 T Note
Treaty of Hyderabad 1798 T Note
Anglo-Russian alliance 1798 T Note
Second Coalition against France 1799 T Note
Peace of Florence 1801 T Note
Treaty of Amiens - peace between Britain and France 1802 T Note
Treaty of Bassein 1802 T Note

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