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Anglo-French defensive treaty signed at Blois 1572 T Note
The Treaty of Bristol settles disputes between English and Spanish merchants 1574 T Note
Elizabeth allies with Resquesens against William of Orange 1575 T Note
England signs an alliance with the Netherlands 1579 T Note
England signs a commercial treaty with Turkey 1580 T Note
A marriage treaty is signed between Anjou and Elizabeth I but peters out 1581 - 1581 T Note
The Bond of Association is presented to Elizabeth I 1584 T Note
Treaty of Berwick 1586 T Note
Queen Elizabeth attempts to sign a treaty of alliance with Turkey against Spain 1587 T Note
Pacification of Ireland is signed 1596 T Note
England, France and the United Provinces sign a league against Spain 1596 - 1596 T Note
Earl of Essex signs a truce with the Irish rebel Tyrone 1599 T Note
Peace negotiations opened between Spain and her enemies 1599 T Note
Peace negotiations between Spain and her enemies founder 1600 T Note
Anglo-French Treaty of Hampton Court 1603 T Note
England and France sign a commercial treaty 1604 T Note
Anglo-Dutch treaty for mutual defence 1608 - 1608 T Note
Persian ambassador negotiates a commercial treaty with England 1611 T Note
Protestant Union of Germany signs a defensive alliance with England 1612 T Note
Treaty between England and Holland regulates trade in the East 1619 T Note

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