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Louis XIV signs a secret treaty with Charles II of England 1667 T Note
Peace of Breda 1667 T Note
England, Sweden and the United Provinces form the Triple Alliance against France 1668 T Note
End of the War of Devolution: the Peace of Aix-Ia-Chapelle 1668 T Note
Secret treaty of alliance between Brandenburg and France 1669 T Note
Anglo-French Treaty of Dover 1670 T Note
France forms a three-year alliance with Sweden 1670 T Note
Boyne treaty between France and England 1670 T Note
Louis XIV makes treaties with Hanover, Osnabrück, Brunswick and Palatinate 1671 T Note
Treaty of Neutrality between France and Emperor Leopold I 1671 T Note
The Great Elector makes preliminary peace with Louis XIV 1673 T Note
Peace of Vossem between Brandenburg and France 1673 T Note
Charles II signs a secret treaty with Louis XIV, but refuses to ratify it 1678 T Note
Further Anglo-Dutch treaty to present an ultimatum to France 1678 - 1678 T Note
Peace of Nijmegen between France and Holland 1678 T Note
Franco-Spanish peace Treaty of Nijmegen 1678 T Note
Peace of Nijmegen between Emperor Leopold I and Louis XIV 1679 T Note
Peace of St. Germain-en-Laye between Sweden and Brandenburg 1679 T Note
The Bishop of Münster signs a treaty of alliance with Louis XIV 1680 T Note
Empire and Spain join Dutch-Swedish alliance of against France 1683 T Note

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