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Allied conference agree peace terms for Germany 1918 T Note
Allied peace treaty with Austria at St. Germain 1919 T Note
Anglo-French agreement on boundaries of Sierra Leone and French Guinea 1882 T Note
Anglo-French convention defines boundaries in Nigeria and Gold Coast 1898 T Note
Anglo-German secret agreement on Portugal's African territories 1898 T Note
Bulgaria signs armistice with Allies 1918 T Note
Constantinople government signs Treaty of Sèvres 1920 T Note
Convention of Marsa: France gains effective control of Tunisia 1883 T Note
Dayton Accord signed in Paris 1995 T Note
Doullens agreement 1918 T Note
France obtains a treaty with Ethiopia defining Somali frontier 1897 T Note
Franco-British Entente Cordiale 1904 T Note
Franco-Italian convention over Tunis 1896 T Note
Franco-Italian Entente 1902 T Note
Franco-Japanese agreement 1907 T Note
Franco-Russian alliance extended 1897 T Note
Franco-Russian alliance is extended 1899 T Note
Franco-Russian alliance is signed 1893 T Note
Franco-Russian commercial treaty 1893 T Note
Franco-Russian declaration approves Anglo-Japanese alliance 1902 T Note

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