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England signs a further commercial treaty with the Empire 1520 T Note
Charles V and Pope Leo X sign a secret treaty 1521 T Note
Treaty of Windsor between Charles V and Henry VIII plans a joint invasion of France 1522 T Note
Treaty of Bordesholm has Christian II abandon claim to Schleswig-Holstein 1522 T Note
Venice joins Charles V's league against France 1523 T Note
Henry VIII and Charles V form a league for a fresh attack on France 1524 T Note
League of Torgau: a union of Protestant states in the German Empire 1526 T Note
Pope Clement VII is forced to sign a treaty with Charles V 1527 T Note
Pope Clement VII makes peace with the Emperor 1528 T Note
Treaty of Barcelona between Pope Clement VII and Charles V 1529 T Note
League of Schmalkalden/ Schmalkaldic League 1531 - 1547 T Note
Bavaria joins the Schmalkaldic League despite being a Catholic state 1531 T Note
Peace of Nuremberg 1532 T Note
Treaty of Augsburg 1534 T Note
The Peace of Cardan restores of Ulrich of Wurttemberg to his duchy 1534 T Note
Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Liegnitz agree to mutual succession 1537 T Note
Francis I and Charles V sign the Truce of Nice 1538 T Note
Charles V and Francis I meet at Aigues Mortes to discuss Protestant heresies 1538 - 1538 T Note
The Emperor Charles V and Francis I of France sign the Treaty of Toledo 1539 T Note
Charles V agrees to a six-month truce with the Protestant princes 1539 T Note

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