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Treaty of Friedewalde between German princes and France 1552 T Note
Treaty of Chambard confirms alliance between German princes and France 1552 T Note
Treaty of Passau annuls the Augsburg Interim and allows Lutheranism 1552 T Note
Peace of Augsburg 1555 T Note
Poland agrees to succession of the Elector of Brandenburg in Prussia 1563 T Note
Sultan Selim II makes peace with the Emperor Maximilian II 1568 T Note
John Sigismund Zapolya of Transylvania signs a secret treaty with Maximilian II 1570 T Note
Mutual succession agreed between Brandenburg and Pomerania 1571 T Note
John Casimir signs a treaty with the French Huguenot leaders 1575 T Note
Duke William V of Bavaria signs a concordat with Pope Gregory XIII 1583 T Note
John Casimir of the Palatinate signs an alliance with Henry of Navarre 1587 T Note
Archduke Maximilian renounces his claim to the Polish throne 1589 T Note
Emperor Rudolf II makes peace with Poland 1592 T Note
Peace of Vienna recognises Stephen Bocskai as ruler of Transylvania 1606 T Note
A Protestant Union of German princes is formed at Anhausen 1608 T Note
Treaty of Jüterbog 1611 T Note
Protestant Union of Germany signs a defensive alliance with England 1612 T Note
Alliance between the Protestant Union of Germany and the United Provinces 1613 T Note
Treaty of Xanten 1614 T Note
Peace of Tyrnau between Emperor Matthias and Gabor Bethlen 1615 T Note

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