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'Perpetual' Alliance between Prussia and Sweden 1707 T Note
A Protestant Union of German princes is formed at Anhausen 1608 T Note
Alliance between the Protestant Union of Germany and the United Provinces 1613 T Note
Alliance of Vienna between Britain, Hanover, Saxony, Poland and Empire 1719 T Note
Alliance treaty between North German Confederation and Bavaria 1870 T Note
Allied conference agree peace terms for Germany 1918 T Note
Allies offer peace proposals to Napoleon 1813 T Note
Anglo-German agreement 1913 T Note
Anglo-German agreement defines Nigeria-Cameroons boundary 1893 T Note
Anglo-German secret agreement on Portugal's African territories 1898 T Note
Anti-Liberal Holy Alliance formed 1815 T Note
Archduke Maximilian renounces his claim to the Polish throne 1589 T Note
Austria and Prussia conclude defensive alliance against Russia 1854 T Note
Barrier Treaty is signed between Holland and the Empire 1715 T Note
Bismarck reveals the secret 1887 Russo-German Reinsurance Treaty 1896 T Note
Bolshevik-German Armistice 1917 T Note
Brandenburg forms a defensive alliance with Sweden 1681 T Note
Brandenburg signs two-year treaty of neutrality with Sweden 1641 T Note
Britain aids Canada by denouncing its treaties with Belgium and Germany 1897 T Note
Britain and Holland join the League of Augsburg 1689 T Note

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