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U.S.-France Treaty 1778 T Note
Treaty of Paris - Britain recognizes independence of the United States 1783 T Note
Britain and the USA sign the Jay Treaty 1794 T Note
Treaty of Ghent ends war between Britain and USA 1814 T Note
Rush-Bagot Treaty 1817 T Note
Frontier treaty between Russia and USA 1824 T Note
Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842 T Note
Treaty of Wanaghiya 1844 T Note
J. C. Calhoun's treaty for annexation of Texas by US 1844 T Note
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo - USA gains Texas and California from Mexico 1848 T Note
Britain and USA agree to share a proposed Panama canal 1850 T Note
Treaty of Kanagawa 1854 T Note
Elgin Treaty between Britain and USA 1854 T Note
Japan and the USA sign a commerce and friendship treaty 1858 T Note
Peace Convention at Washington in effort to preserve Union 1861 T Note
US Civil War ends with surrender of last Confederate army at Shreveport 1865 T Note
Peace treaty between Oglala Sioux and General Sherman 1868 T Note
Treaty of Washington settles difficulties between Britain and USA 1871 T Note
USA signs treaty of friendship with Samoa 1878 T Note
Anglo-American treaty on Bering Sea seal fishery 1892 T Note

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