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Truce between Spain and United Provinces concluded 1609 T Note
Alliance between the Protestant Union of Germany and the United Provinces 1613 T Note
Treaty between England and Holland regulates trade in the East 1619 T Note
The United Provinces sign a commercial treaty with Persia 1623 T Note
Treaty of non-aggression between France and the United Provinces 1624 T Note
England and the United Provinces agree to subsidise Christian IV of Denmark 1625 T Note
Portugal signs treaties with France and United Provinces against Spain 1641 T Note
Peace of Munster 1648 T Note
Treaty of Westphalia: End of the Thirty Years War 1648 T Note
Pope Innocent X condemns Peace of Westphalia 1648 T Note
Peace Treaty of Westminster ends first Anglo-Dutch War 1654 T Note
Great Elector of Brandenburg concludes treaty of defence with Dutch 1655 T Note
Treaty at Hague 1659 T Note
Brazil ceded to the Portuguese and Ceylon to the Dutch 1661 T Note
Louis XIV agrees to help the Dutch if they are attacked 1662 T Note
Holland signs a treaty of alliance with the Great Elector of Brandenburg 1666 T Note
Louis XIV signs a secret treaty with Charles II of England 1667 T Note
Peace of Breda 1667 T Note
England, Sweden and the United Provinces form the Triple Alliance against France 1668 T Note
Treaty of Assistance between Brandenburg and the Netherlands 1671 T Note

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