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Alliance between the Protestant Union of Germany and the United Provinces 1613 T Note
Barrier Treaty is signed between Holland and the Empire 1715 T Note
Belgo-Dutch agreement on River Scheldt 1919 T Note
Brazil ceded to the Portuguese and Ceylon to the Dutch 1661 T Note
Britain and Holland join the League of Augsburg 1689 T Note
British sign an ineffectual treaty with the Dutch 1678 T Note
Commercial treaty between Britain and Dutch 1716 T Note
Concordat between Netherlands and Pope Leo XII 1827 T Note
Convention of Amsterdam between France, Russia and Prussia 1717 T Note
Convention of St. Petersburg between Britain, Holland and Russia 1747 T Note
Dutch conclude armistice of indefinite length with Belgium 1833 T Note
Dutch conclude treaty of alliance with the Emperor Leopold I 1672 T Note
ECC becomes European Union (EU) 1993 T Note
Empire and Spain join Dutch-Swedish alliance of against France 1683 T Note
England and the United Provinces agree to subsidise Christian IV of Denmark 1625 T Note
England, Sweden and the United Provinces form the Triple Alliance against France 1668 T Note
First Dutch Barrier Treaty is negotiated with Britain 1709 - 1709 T Note
First Peace of Paris 1814 T Note
Franco- Dutch alliance 1785 T Note
Franco-Spanish peace Treaty of Nijmegen 1678 T Note

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