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Anglo-German secret agreement on Portugal's African territories 1898 T Note
Anglo-Portuguese agreement on Zambesi and the Congo 1890 T Note
Anglo-Portuguese treaty places Portugal under English control 1654 T Note
Brazil ceded to the Portuguese and Ceylon to the Dutch 1661 T Note
Convention of Gramido ends war in Portugal 1847 T Note
Louis XIV rejects peace preliminaries 1709 T Note
Methuen Treaty between England and Portugal 1703 - 1703 T Note
North Atlantic Treaty Organization founded 1949 T Note
Peace with France 1801 T Note
Portugal joins Grand Alliance 1703 T Note
Portugal signs treaties with France and United Provinces against Spain 1641 T Note
Second Coalition against France 1799 T Note
Spain and Portugal sign a treaty on South America 1750 T Note
Treaty of Badajoz 1801 T Note
Treaty of Lisbon: Spain recognises the independence of Portugal 1668 T Note
Treaty of Madrid confirms Treaty of Badajoz 1801 T Note
Treaty of Utrecht: end of the War of Spanish Succession 1713 T
Treaty of Windsor: Portugal undertakes to assist Britain in Transvaal 1899 T Note

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