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Adrian of Utrecht, Regent of Spain, is elected Pope Adrian VI 1522 T Note
After 117 years, US and Vatican re-establish diplomatic relations 1983 T Note
AIberoni becomes a Cardinal 1717 T Note
Alessandro de' Medici is elected Pope Leo XI 1605 T Note
Alessandro Farnese is elected Pope Paul III and appoints reforming cardinals 1534 T Note
Alexander Ludovisi is elected Pope Gregory XV 1621 T Note
Antonio Facchinetti is elected Pope Innocent IX 1591 T Note
Austrian Concordat with Pope 1855 T Note
Benedict XIII is elected Pope 1724 T Note
Camillo Borghese is elected Pope Paul V 1605 T Note
Cardinal Pole fails to win Charles V's support for attacking England 1539 T Note
Cardinal Pole is sent to return Henry VIII to the Church of Rome 1537 T Note
Cesare Borgia is imprisoned for refusing to submit to the new Pope 1503 T Note
Clement X is elected Pope 1670 T Note
Clement XI is elected Pope 1700 T Note
Clement XII is elected Pope 1730 T Note
Concordat of Bologna: between France and the Papacy 1516 T Note
Death of Pope Gregory XIII 1585 T Note
Death of Pope Gregory XV 1623 T Note
Death of Pope Paul V 1621 T Note

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