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Antonini, Aegidius 1469 - 1532 P
Piccolomini, Alessandro 1508 - 1579 P
Campanella, Tommaso 1568 - 1639 P
Great Schism in the Catholic Church 1378 - 1417 T Note
Great Schism in the Catholic Church ends 1417 T Note
Malleus Maleficarum is published in Rome 1486 T Note
Pope Alexander VI forms a league against Naples 1493 T Note
Savonarola condemned to death 1498 T Note
Cesare Borgia leaves Rome as papal legate to Louis XII 1498 T Note
Cesare Borgia is imprisoned for refusing to submit to the new Pope 1503 T Note
Republic of Venice is excommunicated 1509 - 1510 T Note
Pope Julius II joins the League of Cambrai 1509 T Note
Pope Julius II leaves the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
A general council meets of dissident ecclesiastics hostile to Julius II 1511 T Note
Concordat of Bologna: between France and the Papacy 1516 T Note
Clement VII is allowed to escape to Orvieto 1527 T Note
Pope Clement VII removes from Orvieto to Viterbo 1528 T Note
Jesuits 1540 T Note
Council of Trent 1545 - 1563 T Note
Cosimo de' Medici advocates sweeping Church reform 1547 T Note

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