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Campanella, Tommaso 1568 - 1639 P
Wigmore, Winefrid 1585 - 1657 P
Browne, Thomas 1605 - 1682 P
Crashaw, Richard 1612 - 1649 P
Swift, Jonathan 1667 - 1745 P
Benezet, Anthony 1713 - 1784 P
Valenciennes, hotbed of Calvinist disturbances, surrenders 1567 T Note
John Casimir leads a German Protestant army to support the Huguenots 1567 T Note
Edict of Boulogne 1573 T Note
The Duke of Anjou fails to reduce the Huguenot stronghold of La Rochelle 1573 T Note
Damville, Marshal of France, calls for religious toleration 1574 T Note
Peace negotiations in France founder 1575 T Note
François Duke of Anjou (formerly Alençon) joins the Huguenots 1575 T Note
A truce in the French War is signed at Marigny 1575 T Note
The Prince of Condé and John Casimir of the Palatinate invade France 1576 T Note
Henry of Navarre escapes from Paris and rejoins the Huguenots 1576 T Note
The Duke of Guise secures an Estates-General opposed to the Huguenots 1576 T Note
Henry of Navarre is recognised as head of the Huguenot Party 1577 T Note
The Peace of Bergerac ends the Sixth War of Religion 1577 T Note
Peace of Fleix ends the Seventh War of Religion in France 1580 T Note

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